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Natural & Organic Skincare Products

Organic skincare handcrafted in England in small batches with premium ingredients

All our body butters are made from pure vegan and organically certified natural ingredients, sourced from around the world and lovingly handcrafted in Great Britain.

Our effective premium high quality ingredients are free from artificial colourants, synthetic fragrances and mineral oils. With organic vegan butters & oils, and no added water, a little bit is all you need.

​This range is so pure that it is certified for use on babies, children, pregnant women and adults, those with dry skin conditions and my son Moo whom has eczema…making it ideal for the entire family!

Do You Care About What You Put On Your Skin?

Did you know that the average individual can apply over 168 chemicals to their body before they even leave the bathroom?  Can you imagine the impact that this is having to your long-term health and the environment around you?

Freshly Made With Raw Ingredients

For anyone who likes their skin to feel well nourished, and for anyone who cares about what they are putting onto their skin, this is for you and your loved ones. Have a look at the ingredients on the back of your other body creams and lotions.  Can you pronounce them and do you know what they are?  If you’ve been let down before by your skincare products, this is for you!   Everything in our multi-use, organic body butters are 100% natural and come from the one and only, ​‘Mother Nature’.


With no added essential oils, this body butter smells of pure & raw unrefined organic cocoa butter.  Its as naked as the day it was born.
​I use this on my lips, scalp and hair.
​Moo uses this on his face.

Vanilla & Orange

With a combination of Vanilla & Orange this sweet and gorgeously scented body butter smells so good that you’ll want to lick your own skin.
I use this everywhere…and I mean everywhere.

Lemon, Vanilla & Patchouli

This Lemon, Vanilla & Patchouli body butter is sweet but not overpowering with a slightly citrus & spicy smell.  It will have you looking around for the dessert spoon.
Norman, my friends dog gets cosy whenever I have this on my hands and legs….then he tries to lick my legs!

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