• Spritz face with a natural & organic hydrosol water and then wipe with a clean dry flannel.
  • Moisturise with a natural face cream that has no added fragrance.
  • Apply factor 30 or 50 SPF natural/mineral/physical sunscreen…it all means the same thing. Chemical sunscreens cause medium and long term damage to the face. You’re also more likely to have a skin reaction if you have eczema or other skin conditions.


  • Apply ‘Salt Of The Earth Natural Deodorant Stick’ and ‘SO Refreshing Natural Deodorant Gel – Spearmint’


Tigs & Moo Body Butter (Vanilla & Orange)

With a combination of Vanilla Extract & Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, this gorgeously scented 100% natural body butter smells so good that you’ll want to lick your own skin. It is also super moisturising, nourishing and soothing.



  • If wearing makeup, apply Tigs & Moo Naked Body Butter to your dry face, then wipe clean with a warm wet flannel.
  • Wet your face, apply an unscented natural soap or facial wash, then wipe with a clean dry flannel.
  • Moisturise with a natural face cream with no added fragrance.


  • Tigs & Moo Body Butter – starts off as a lightly whipped butter and then quickly becomes a luxurious spreadable oil (my favourite is Vanilla & Orange)


  • Once a week or once a fortnight
  • Apply a small amount of a light to medium consistency natural oil to hair and scalp (argan oil, rice bran oil or hemp seed oil).
  • Wash hair with a fragrance free natural mild shampoo (avoid the cleaning ingredients Sodium Lauryl Sulphate & Sodium Laureth Sulphate)
  • Condition hair with natural fragrance-free conditioner.
  • Use a natural leave in conditioner.
  • Use natural oils or creams on hair (no silicone-based products)
  • Wear a Satin or Silk Scarf or Bonnet to bed to stop hair drying out and to keep hair off face.
  • Sleep on silk or satin pillow cases to stop loss of moisture from hair and face.  These also help prevent wrinkles, fine lines and premature ageing.

The more simple you keep your skincare routine, the better!

Alison x

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