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Adult Acne, More than Skin Deep

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1 Month After Making Food & Lifestyle Changes – Age 45

6 Months After Making Food & Lifestyle Changes – Age 45

12 Months After Making Food & Lifestyle Changes – Age 46

Your Skincare And Diet are Intrinsically linked to Your Hormones and Adult Acne.  Knowledge is Power, only when you Do Something with That Knowledge. Educate Yourself So You No Longer Have To Hide Behind Your Make-Up or Hair

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What Our Customers Say

My daughter suffers from eczema and itchy skin rashes. After trying a free sample it cleared up rapidly, so I purchased a large jar to keep us going…the large jar lasted a year.  It’s an excellent product!
Corey,  High Wycombe

I have suffered with very dry skin/eczema all my life and have never found a shop bought body cream that nourishes my skin as effectively. Not to mention that all the ingredients are naturally sourced, plus they smell amazing!
Ceri, Hughenden Valley

I love the fact that it’s 100% natural. my skin was always so dry. It’s the only cream I have found that I feel really gives me enough hydration. The smell is great too!!
Lorraine, Buckinghamshire

It’s always been a battle to get my kids to moisturise. I love the fact that they want to use it because of the gorgeous smell.

I love that its organic, and all natural, and I can actually see the difference its making to our skin…and the large jar lasts ages.
Maureen, Poole

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After You Start Your Skincare Journey, Do You Want To Understand Quickly About How To Care For Your Skin?

There is a saying I once heard, ” You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!”
• Do you know which type of products can trigger your Acne?
• Do you know which natural products and ingredients can heal your skin?
• These are two easy to follow quick read eguides that helped me grow my knowledge
After watching my son’s suffer badly due to eczema and then an allergic reaction to pharmaceutical skincare, I decided to make the move to using only natural skincare for both my children and myself. I changed our diet drastically by removing what I considered junk food. I then watched in amazement as my son’s skin started to heal, and unexpectantly my adult acne and my daughters teenage acne started to improve. I needed to understand why.
I decided I would learn as much as I could. Not only to keep our skin looking healthy, but also to have optimal health. I knew that my son was healing because we were using only natural plant-based ingredients on his skin. I also knew that he was healing because I had removed foods from his diet that triggered inflammation and his eczema. I also began to understand what was happening to my own body and that of my daughter. I needed to know if there was more I could do to improve my family’s eczema, acne and health even more.
Not knowing where to begin, the information I found always led me back to the types of websites I didn’t want to go to. The types that were discussing the use of pharmaceutical creams and lotions. The types of creams and medication that for many sufferers, only offered a short-term respite, but not a long term permanent removal of the pain and frustration of a recurring skin condition.
Eventually after lots of disappointment I got lucky. This luck took me on a different path, which ultimately led me to where I am now. I started looking at healing from a different angle, and wow did it make a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE to all our lives
These eguides get to the point very quickly and offer advice on what you could be putting both in the body and on the body to help you heal, the benefits of different nutrients and even look at helping your stress levels which are another trigger.
These eguides are full of lots of information, and although written for American readers, they are relevant to all people that have skin conditions which are triggered by what is going in and on our bodies. Together these eguides can help transform your skin and health if that is what you want.
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