What is it?  What causes it?  How to I know I definitely have it?

If eczema look different on different skin tones, and even appears differently on the skin, depending on its severity or type, then your first port of call is going to be seeing a doctor, or even your local pharmacist or naturopath.

Itching skin is often, but not always the first, symptom followed by dry patches, inflamed skin, rough, thick skin and if itched, broken and also infected skin.

Eczema can vary in intensity when it comes to how irritating the itch can be and it also varies in time when it comes to how long it lasts.

In some cases of eczema, the skin can react to tap water, but the most common triggers are detergents, skincare, body soaps, food products, grass, allergens and lack of humidity, stress, or a combination of these elements.

For some sufferers, the main cause of worry is that reaction can occur without any apparent reason, even if a person isn’t exposed to the usual triggers. This is where triggers such as stress or lack of sleep can also be looked at.


Check out: How Do I Know If I Have Eczema? on YouTube


Atopic Dermatitis The most common and most painful, frustrating itch. Can leave skin prone to infection, inflammation and can appear anywhere on face & body.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis Happens when your skin comes into contact with a specific substance. The substance can trigger an abnormal reaction in the immune system.

AVOID: Fragrance in skincare, detergents, laundry cleaning products, wool, citrus, grass, vinegar.

Cradle Cap (Infant Seborrheic Eczema) Looks crusty but isn’t itchy. It mostly affects babies up to age of 1 year old.

Adult Seborrheic Eczema: Appears on scalp as mild dandruff but can end up on ears, face, and chest. Normally found in 20-40 year old. It looks flaky and can become inflamed. Normally cause by an increase in yeast, and if it becomes infected it will need anti-fungal treatment.

Dyshidrotic Eczema: More common in women than men. Appears as small fluid blisters on hands and feet. Blisters can itch and hurt and skin can crack and become flaky.

Caused by: Allergies, stress, damp hands & feet, exposure to substance like nickel, cobalt & chromium salt.

Hand Eczema: Dry and itchy, may form blisters or cracks. It is triggered  by exposure to irritant causing chemicals. Using antibacterial gels can trigger hand eczema as well.

Nummular Dermatitis: They look like a round coin shaped dots on the skin, it can itch a lot and become scaly. It is triggered by insect bites or an allergy reaction to metal or chemicals. Atopic dermatitis is also a trigger for nummular dermatitis.

Stasis Dermatitis: Triggered by fluid leaking out of weakened veins into the skin. It causes swelling, itching & pain. It mainly effects the lower leg and feels achy and heavy. Possible for people who suffers varicose veins with dry itchy skin over the veins, which may develop open sores.  

For all of these, don’t think there is nothing you can do about it if you have been told it is genetic or it keeps reoccurring. As well as treating the symptom itself, you will need to start looking at what is causing your eczema.

We are all unique, so what triggers one person’s eczema, may not be the same for another person.

It is definitely useful to keep a food and lifestyle journal to document everything.


If something as simple as sweat can be a trigger for your eczema, then is is definitely worth documenting for 2 weeks before starting your exclusion diet. Removing all known eczema triggers for 2 weeks then reintroducing one at time to see if there’s a reaction.

Check out What Causes Eczema, Exclusion Diet and Creating A Healthy Food Diary on YouTube.

Once food, skincare and your environment have been addressed, you can also look at gut health and possible supplementation to help your gut, skin and overall body health.

See Eczema, Supplements & Powders Part 1 & Part 2 on YouTube.

Once you deal with the triggers and the possible cause of your eczema, you will start to suffer less and less. It isn’t a one cure fits all condition, as we are all unique and eczema is multi factional.  It won’t be cured or healed overnight but the symptoms will start to reduce and calm down.

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Introduction to Pilates

Introduction to Pilates

Pilates was pioneered by German born Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the early 20th century. During childhood he was afflicted with many conditions such as asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. The prognosis for Joseph was not good but he was determined to return his body to peak physical condition. He believed mental and physical health were closely connected. Through this determination he became a competent gymnast, diver, skier and boxer. He devised a series of exercises and training techniques, and engineered all the equipment specifications required to teach his methods properly. These are still the inspiration for the modern day reformer! In the 1920s Pilates emigrated to the U.S and opened a studio in New York where he taught his method of ‘contrology’ for many decades.

There are different types of pilates now from classical and mat pilates to reformer and Stott Pilates which may sound confusing if you haven’t tried them? Whatever pilates class you choose they should all focus on breathing, control, centring and flow. They maybe on a mat or using other equipment such as a reformer machine, and have different styles and influences. These types are also growing now incorporating for example barre or yoga.

Pilates is a great way to strengthen the body so find one that suits you and is right for the goals you want to achieve. Pilates uses a series of exercises designed to engage your core and lower back to improve posture, flexibility, stamina and strength. It is also used a lot to help reduce injuries such as back and neck pain and for general rehabilitation. It helps to get the body back in balance by a series of exact, controlled movements, targeting specific muscle groups and helping to identify where stronger or weaker areas are.

Pilates can be used for all ages and levels of fitness and ability as all the exercises can be progressed or regressed (modified) for each individual. It is great for toning the body by combining exercise and stretching into routines. This type of exercise is even more relevant due to lifestyle factors such as long working hours, being seated for long periods of times and for mental health aspects to name a few. It is important to find a certified instructor with a good qualification, someone who you enjoy working with. If you are very new to pilates or have specific injuries I would recommend either someone that specialises in your area of concern or find a small group class or one to one session to begin with.  

Author Sarah Markham

Pilates Instructor

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Yoga with Chandra

Yoga with Chandra

Chandra is the Founder of Yoga with Chandra, a wellness coach, Sacred ceremonial facilitator, Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness meditation specialist, who runs workshops and events in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding ounties.

 Chandra had been into her fitness since her twenties, never been body confident in her youth, keeping fit made her feel more confident in her own skin. After trying all different types of fitness classes, over the years, She decided to  give Yoga a try, upon leaving her first yoga class, feeling, stretched and at peace, something she had never felt from any other type of exercise class. The spiritual and mindful perspective had such a profound effect on her, that she craved more knowledge in the historical and philosophical aspects of yoga.

After many years of practicing with several different teachers and suffering a wrist injury, which meant putting the training back a year, she finally enrolled onto her Yoga teacher training with the YMCA in London and in November 2017, she launched her first yoga class in a local village hall. Three years later after increasing her class schedule, she decided it was the right time to leave her part time administration role and to take the leap following her passions to teach Yoga and Pilates full time and to this day she has not regretted her decision .

 Chandra has developed her own style of “slow flow” Yoga a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa, her classes will not leave you dripping with sweat, but you will feel you have worked every plane physically and spiritually, as she teaches you to fine tune your body and mind, creating space and fully embodying each movement and intention in the practice.  

Chandra plans her class themes intuitively adding in a generous measure of spirituality and mindfulness. Having come from a spiritual background, she embraces all faiths and traditions blending Eastern and Western cultures.

Chandra Includes cultural celebrations into her varied class themes to aid diversity and inclusivity, along with Yoga philosophy and mindfulness, Chandra teaches what she likes to calls “conscious Yoga” Holding a safe space for her students to find awareness on all levels, enabling them to become empowered and nurtured in the same instance. Chandra values her students tremendously, and always has a warm welcome for all. Offering support during the classes and post session.

After her yoga teacher training with the YMCA in 2017 Chandra developed her practice and began her teaching career. Having always had an inquiring mind it wasn’t too long before she went onto train in Yoga philosophy with the Oxford Hindu centre in 2018. She also qualified in her pre and postnatal award and level 3 Pilates in the same year.  Chandra personally found Pilates added strength and support to her own practice an additional ideal low impact compliment to Yoga that delivered postural strength and support and added diversity to her teaching portfolio. Chandra even introduces mindfulness to her Pilates class, always adding some relaxation time at the end of the practice.

Further training has led Chandra to qualify in Yin Yoga, Mindfulness meditation and Sacred Space facilitation.

 In 2019 Chandra and artist, Rosie Hill, collaborated to create Evolve Collective, where they wove their own harmonious blend of skills and passions together creating offerings that support and inspire others in the community. These include Yoga and wellbeing events and facilitating Sacred space for ceremony, Art and meditation, including sound, song and chanting. Chandra was recently invited by Local radio station, Wycombe Sound 106,  to talk about The Evolve collective Collaboration and their events.

During COVID 19 Chandra has successfully moved her classes online, with a regular weekly schedule.

Chandra and Rosie have also introduced online New Moon and Full Moon celebration events that have been well received.  These include, breath work guided journeying / mindful meditations, sharing circle and Sacred Ceremony, plus more.

If You would like to find out more about Yoga with Chandra, and her online class schedule, visit her on website Subscribe to get regular updates on events. subscribers have access to free recorded yoga class sessions, meditations, breathing practices and more.

 She can also be contacted on Facebook and Instagram as yogawithchandra.

 Check out our new website, Evolve, for current and upcoming events and where we share the meditations from past events, you can also join our community, become an evolver, join Evolve collective Facebook group.

Let’s be inspired and Evolve together.

Chandra Gould

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Should you be on the road alone?

Should you be on the road alone?

The Fitness Concierge mantra is simple….


My experience is that people have always spent a lot of energy, time and money on trying to do more for their health, fitness and mental wellbeing. They are prepared to throw money at things that MAKE THEM ENGAGE. They feel motivation is what they need.

In the past it was Keep Fit Classes, Toning Tables, Slimming Groups, Expensive Health Club Memberships, Workout DVD’s. Now it’s cheaper gym memberships, YouTube, Live Streaming, Easy to access Personal Trainers, Supplements, Home Workouts and Food Tracking Apps.

What is apparent is that many of the people that have engaged in these things on and off for months, years, even decades for some. Have still not achieved the result that they are striving for. Many dislike the whole thing or go through love and hate phases. On top of that the people described above often have very little detailed knowledge about the subject at hand. Despite all of this investment in time and money. I think this is in some part down to the fitness industry failing people more and more. You Sign Up (Engage) and are often left with very little education on the How, What, Why, When. Although personal accountability is a major factor. GO AND FIND OUT if it is important to you.

Can you imagine having a driving instructor for LIFE!

Can you imagine never absorbing enough information or being educated and empowered enough to be given the freedom of choice to pass your test and go out in to the world. Imagine not being educated to a level of believing in yourself and knowing that you can adapt to whatever each journey and fellow driver throws at you?

What would it be like to have such limited knowledge about the task at hand that staying safe and accepting that some journeys just take longer than others never crossed your mind. What if you were sent out on your own soo naive that you couldn’t accept that some things are out of your control no matter how much you try short cuts your friends have used before. They just don’t work for everyone every time.

This is why i prioritise the EDUCATION process to get people through their test at the right time for them. Not everyone passes their attempt at achieving their goal first time and many insist on jumping straight in to the test with no lessons. Even if they fluke a pass they are certainly not set up for long term success. Once well educated and passed I find it beneficial to let people find their way with all of the tools needed to be self confident, low risk to others (no mood swings from lack of happiness) and able to choose what speed to go from A to B without consequences that are not in their own best interests.

Some people learned to drive years ago and have had a long time off of the road. Now they are ready to drive again they find the dynamics of the road and technology to get us from A to B have changed dramatically. Very daunting. Most would not consider hiring an instructor to show them the new methods even though it is going to be more efficient. They passed their test before. The ego gets in the way, they “know it all” and although they encounter frustrations daily and may even have to regularly adjust or abandon their plans to avoid embarrassment. They continue to muddle through alone.

☝🏾 This is most peoples health and fitness journey.

Lack of knowledge creates fear, Fear brings anxiety and anxiety is a huge barrier to people getting to where they really want to be. Getting educated around your goals and the various methods/options to getting there. Getting comfortable with the details at your own pace, removing the fear and approaching the journey without anxiety. Will mean you will embrace every step of the way to arriving at your destination stress free and smiling.

Learning is K.E.Y




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Author Benson Miyoba

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Guest Blog from Nichola Shuttle Health and wellness coach and GB age group sprint triathlete

Guest Blog from Nichola Shuttle Health and wellness coach and GB age group sprint triathlete

“When you find what ‘smart’ eating means to you and how best you might like to move your body around, you set yourself up for a foundation of strength from which to ‘jump start’ each day”. Quote Nichola Shuttle Health and wellness coach and GB age group sprint triathlete…

I know that when I get these two elements right, it helps me to feel healthy, strong, positive and confident. I can’t ‘buy’ these feelings, but I can work on trying to find ways to release them because they are important to me and make me feel happy. I use this ‘integrative’ approach to be the best person I can be, to myself and others around me. When I feel seriously good about life, I know I can achieve anything, I feel less phased by the ‘uncontrollable’ and surround myself with a life that enhances my own existence. Immersing myself with family and friends who make me laugh and smile are just as important as what I eat and how I stay active. These connections are really important to me, they help me feel passionate about my beliefs and have become the underlying features of my life.

I am a GB age group sprint triathlete. I train between 2 to 3 hours a day, 6 days a week. I follow a training programme set by my coach that helps me try and achieve my goals so that I feel fully prepared to compete in races such as the European and World championships.

In order to support the energy I use each day, rest, repair and sleep well, I have to find a way to eat that nourishes me and my sport. I am still learning and playing around with what works best, it’s an ongoing experiment that forces me to review my habits regularly in order to feel ‘supersonic’ and try to perform to a high standard. 

Nourishing the body on the inside is paramount… as is nourishing on the outside!

Your skin is your biggest organ, using natural, environmentally friendly skin care, in my view is the ‘icing on the cake’, if you’ve worked hard to support yourself on the inside, don’t stop there… give your body what it deserves. I recommend ‘tigsandmoonaturalskincare’ who are dedicated to using products that are natural, trustworthy and do an excellent job! No harmful chemicals, no rubbish, just nature as it should be. 

The above is a small window into what helps me feel purposeful and what is important to me. If you resonate with any small feature of what I have written about or are wondering how to be your best version of yourself, please contact me at: 

or find me on Instagram

Nourish life London

I am a health and wellness coach and just love trying to help people find their purpose and passion for life.

Author Nichola Shuttle

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