When you suffer with eczema, you need to aim to keep your skin cool and stress free from things that are rubbing against it or coming into contact with it.

So, it goes without saying, that the type of material you wear against your skin needs to be chosen with this in mind if your eczema has flared up.


The Good – Natural and Non-Irritating:

  1. Linen – Natural, breathable soft and cool.
  2. Silk – Naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, soft and cool against skin.
  3. Hemp  – Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, antibacterial, naturally temperature regulating and long lasting.
  4. Bamboo – Naturally hypoallergenic, keeps you fresh and dry because of the microscopic holes in the fibre.
  5. Cotton – Soft and natural against skin. 

The Bad – Synthetic Material:

  1. Polyester – Hot & itchy
  2. Spandex – Hot & itchy
  3. Nylon – Hot & itchy
  4. Acrylic – Hot & itchy
  5. Rayon– Hot & itchy
  6. Modacrylic – Hot & itchy
  7. Satin -Natural & Synthetic, Hot & itchy
  8. Elastane  – Hot & itchy

All of these fabrics can make you hot, sweaty, and itchy as they keep the heat against your skin

The Ugly – Natural But Irritating:

  1. Wool – Wool is natural but itchy. It can also trigger an eczema flare up.


New Clothes – Chemicals

Formaldehyde & Flame Retardant: Both used in manufacturing process can irritate skin.


Itchy Little Bits

Tags/Labels: Cut them off bras and all clothes or cover over with piece of silk.



Laundry Detergent

Fragrance/Perfume:  Can cause reactions to skin – Look for fragrance free

Dye – Look for laundry and softeners that are colour free

Fabric Conditioner – Either look for fragrance free and skin friendly or maybe don’t use it at all.

Instead Try:

Wool Dryer Balls – these balls roll around the drum banging into clothes which helps to soften them

Let Me Know How You Get On

Simple changes can make a big difference to the overall comfort of your skin, so don’t wait if your current situation isn’t working for you, and you are in discomfort.

However, as always…make one change at a time to make sure it is working for you, and you can feel or see the difference.

Alison x

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