I ‘hear’ your ‘secret’ hair thoughts!

Is ‘thick and hard to manage’ a part of that dialogue?

If so…please allow this blog to encourage, empower and inspire you.

I believe that not only is the crown on your head beautiful! It is also “waiting” to be worn in its full beauty! Even though it is thick, it is manageable! Even though it is “hard to manage”, it is manageable! Even if your life history has delivered a message of mistruth…your hair can be worn well……it is manageable!!!!!!

Part of the key to “managing” your natural hair is in your own self truth, your hair maintenance and an understanding of how to “listen” to what your hair is “saying”

For sure:

– Your hair is beautiful no matter it’s length, texture or density!
– You are beautiful!
– You can learn how to develop and maintain your hair
– You can empower yourself with knowledge about nourishing ingredients and also in the benefit of reading product labels before you bu.

“Hair talk”

– Our (yes I am including myself) hair needs moisture!
– Our scalp needs to be healthy in order to promote hair growth!
– Our hair strands need to be nourished!
– The ends of our hair need to be protected in order to prevent breakage and have length retention! (aka: long hair)

How can this be accomplished? ️

– By developing a daily/weekly/monthly haircare routine that will help our hair become manageable
– By having a healthy scalp which will promote hair growth
– By understanding that the routine doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs a commitment to learning as well as the space to implement

Where to start

– Moisture: 100% Water is the first stop. Aloe Vera Juice (AV Juice) is great. You can mix 50% AV juice with 50% water. You can also use 100% AV Juice. I have been exploring floral water (Hydrosols) and I have to say my hair is responding nicely! It stays moisturized longer and is even softer than by just using AV Juice

Does your hair need a lot of liquids to stay hydrated or not so much?

– Some Oils & Butters such as Jojoba, Olive, Sweet Almond, Flaxseed, Shea, Cocoa, Mango will penetrate and the hair shafts as well as coat the strands to help lock in moisture

– Washing hair weekly will help keep a healthy scalp.
If you live in a hard water area a chelating agent will be part of your monthly wash

– Deep Conditioning will help with softness and detangling

– Read and understand the ingredients on the product labels before you buy 

– Do your own research 

When I started my own natural hair journey, I used the words ‘thick’ and ‘hard’ to manage as descriptors for my hair

Now I know different!

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