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Don’t Watch History Repeat Itself Again And Again With You Or Your Kids


I was happy ignoring my own mild and occasional ECZEMA FLARE UP and itching, but all that changed when eczema became A CONSTANT AGONY for my son.

At aged 2 when the RELENTLESS and TORTUOUS ITCHING began we went BACK AND FORTH TO THE DOCTOR, trying different moisturising creams and steroid creams, which would all work at first.
I hated seeing him in tears and uncomfortable. I don’t need to tell you what that is like as a parent. Watching your child struggle, as you try one treatment after another but it keeps coming back, and FEELING UTTERLY HELPLESS.
As well as the CONSTANT ITCHING, he was sleepy and grumpy from the paediatric antihistamine medicine (his itchy medicine) and infant paracetamol, and as he got older he was more aware that the rashes on his skin made him look different to his friends. It broke my heart to see him hiding his skin so he didn’t have to answer any curious questions. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to hide the rashes on his face.
One day after we mistakenly triggered his eczema through lack of understanding and knowledge, all the joints on his body became covered in the clustered rash.  I panicked and went back to using the prescription creams, believing at the time that these were best.
My sons body decided that this was not what it wanted and he had an ALLERGIC REACTION to the PRESCRIBED CREAMS he had been using off and on for the past 3 years.
I couldn’t stop him SCREAMING that his SKIN WAS ON FIRE! 
 It broke my heart knowing that I had done this to my son, not once, but twice… 
…because after the first allergic reaction, I had been given another cream to try on his already painful, super dry, and thin skin…THE SAME THING HAPPENED !
 His skin was so damaged that it hurt to be touched, and it actually looked like thin tissue paper. I didn’t want him to see me crying as well, as I was worried about the effect that would have on him, but I’d had enough of pretending to be Super Mum. I felt like I had FAILED him on a massive scale.
Instead I waited until he was asleep, cuddled him as carefully as I could and slept beside him all night, which isn’t easy to do when your child is moving around and fidgeting in his sleep because his he is in so much pain.
The doctor explained that my son could no longer use those creams because he was now REACTING to the SYNTHETIC CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVES IN THE CREAM. I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and find a way to help him, as the conventional way just wasn’t working for him. 
This is where our JOURNEY of getting rid of my sons painful eczema prone skin and the frustrating irritation BEGAN.  
Several months later we said HELLO to his BEAUTIFUL ECZEMA FREE SKIN. I wanted my son to know that he wasn’t doing this alone, and so we both started the journey together. I could not believe how quickly the changes started to happen.
In a matter of 4 weeks the ITCHING, DISCOMFORT AND PAIN HAD STOPPED.   It felt like a miracle. 
 Despite my initial concerns the CHANGES we had made WERE WORKING.
After YEARS of watching my son STRUGGLE with the irritating itch, the pain, the MENTAL TORTURE, the constant scratching and the way it looked, we couldn’t BELIEVE that a FEW CHANGES could have such a MASSIVE IMPACT on his life.
Seeing him SMILE, not worry about his skin and being able to just be a kid again was PRICELESS.
This is what I want for you!
No more Itching
No more pain
No more tears
No more hiding your skin
No more embarrassing explanations and stares
 More smiles
Beautiful skin
More time with family & friends
A life free from the shackles of eczema
In control of your life

…this is why I’m so EXCITED to be able to PRESENT THIS OFFER TO YOU. I know that if you make some SIMPLE CHANGES, then just like my son, it will HAVE A MASSIVE IMPACT on both your physical and mental wellbeing…

Who doesn’t want to be able to smile every day, and just GET ON WITH LIFE

 If We Can DO IT, So Can You!



The Constant Dry Skin

The Constant Itch

When I told my son’s doctor what I wanted to do, to learn and understand what was triggering his eczema, so that I would be able to prevent it, I was shocked as I thought she would support my decision, but instead I was told a big fat ‘NO’
If the doctor didn’t believe I could do it, then surely they knew best, after all… I was only a mum!?
The thing is, doctors train for years using conventional medicine and methods to help people, I have the utter most respect for them, but my concern is this…
As a child, I had watched family members struggle with serious eczema. It scared the living daylights out of me as I would see them having to go into hospital to have their skin bandaged, have the top layer of their skin peeled, or would see them itching like crazy, waking up in the middle of the night, and then in the morning there would be blood all over the sheets. They would literally be tearing their hair out because the frustrating itch would always come back…and the scarring left permanent reminders of their battle.
My son’s doctor used thought provoking sentences 
“ You don’t want to cause any more complications. You could make him very ill. You might cause him to be lacking in calcium, and other vitamins and minerals”.
This had the desired effect of knocking my confidence and belief that I was doing the right thing. After all, I didn’t want to cause my son any more pain and misery.
I could have given up on the idea, but having spoken with my husband whom reminded me that not only had I single handily improved my own health issues and proved my doctors wrong; I had also retrained over the years as a personal trainer and fitness instructor despite being told as a child that as an adult I wouldn’t be able to live a fully rounded life without help for my own physical ailments. This was the big aha moment that kicked my butt into gear.
Looking back, I was afraid of failing on so many levels, as both an individual and as a parent. I was too scared to even consider trying a different way, and constantly compared my knowledge to the experts. I thought that I just got lucky and didn’t acknowledge that I played a big role in improving my own health.
As a child, because the health care system had saved my life, I saw doctors as God’s, I put them on a very high mantle and looked to them for all my answers concerning health. 
However as I got older and information became more readily available, my knowledge improved. I was able to do my own research and learn. I had already been educating myself and seeing a positive difference in my health, I just hadn’t stopped to realise how powerful these changes had impacted my life and my family’s.
So yes, even though the doctor knew more than me when it came to conventional medicine, I know my son and I know me, and I know I wouldn’t make him ill.
I would never intentionally hurt him. Heck, I know that I would jump in front of a raging bull to protect my kids.
Just like you, I still have internal struggles with confidence and question myself all the time, which isn’t a bad thing. I still hold doctors and nurses in high regard and have a massive respect for them. And I still get scared when I make any decision that I think could be life changing for me or any member of my family.
How do I deal with the negativity that niggles at me in the corner of my mind on a daily basis? I keep learning!
My goal was to help my son get rid of his eczema and the itch, to try and get rid of the frustrations and tears, and to get rid of the need for steroid creams and the lab created creams that were prescribed for his skin; that although they were a permanent part of our lives, they certainly weren’t getting rid of his eczema permanently.

Is your goal to live with eczema permanently or be rid of it?

I decided that one of the best ways I could help my son was to make and use only the best thoroughly researched ingredients for the dry damaged skin caused by his eczema.  I decided to train and become a certified Natural & Organics Skincare Formulator.  This way I knew exactly what ingredients he was using on his skin. 

I use myself as the test subject for all the products I make, making sure there are no adverse reactions on my skin, before even considering using the products on my son’s skin.

The results were amazing!
It is important to me that everything I make is 100% natural, comes from the one and only Mother Nature, acts like a skin food and has beneficial properties to the skin. 
With more and more family and friends asking questions about why my son’s skin was improving, and where I had got his gorgeous smelling moisturiser from, word soon spread.  I had my hand-crafted moisturiser certified and insured and then started selling it at Wellness Events and Christmas Fayre’s. 
It’s been absolutely gratifying to see other people with skin conditions, and even those without any problems all enjoying using a 100% natural product that I originally made for my son.
It brings me such immense happiness when I hear stories from repeat customers telling me how it has helped them and their children.  There is nothing worse than watching other people suffer, when I know that some of my knowledge could potentially help them. 
 I am truly grateful that people trust me with their skin.

Don’t just dream about life without eczema.
Make it a reality!

Learn how to heal yourself

Learn what to look out for

Learn your triggers

The Night Before

  • All our products are 100% natural and feed the skin
  • ​Five year old May’s other creams caused a burning sensation to her skin instead of helping to heal
  • ​She was afraid to try anything else
  • ​Her mother Katherine though apprehensive at first decided to try something new, our 100%  ‘Naked’ natural body butter
  • ​Within 12 hours May’s skin had calmed down…see for yourself
  • ​They were both so happy that the next day they sent us a photo of a beautiful smiling and happy five year old girl who had previously told her mum she felt ugly because of the eczema
  • ​From mum Kirsty “A happy girl this morning thanks to her magic cream”

The Morning After

Your exclusive offer

****Purchase a 30g jar of 100% Natural Body Butter ***

for only £16.00 (usual price £20)

This incredible 100% natural body butter is 96% organic and contains only 7 premium and pure ingredients from the one and only Mother Nature. It was specifically formulated and used by me to moisturise, nourish and feed my son’s dry skin. This amazing skin food will help prevent your skin from becoming dry and will work in balance with your skins needs.  Our body butter includes Ingredients that work well together and can easily be pronounced: organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic avocado oil, organic olive oil  and organic coconut oil.  Our customers know that they are using a skincare product that not only helps to heal their skin, but it leaves their skin smelling gorgeous and feeling smoother than before. 

The big pharmaceutical companies want you to keep using their products, as it means profits for them.  This isn’t what I want.  I was able to help my son, and I would like to help you if you are happy to accept my advice? 
My 5 year old son was crying because he was in excruciating pain. His skin was paper thin, covered in eczema, it looked like his skin would fall off his body at any moment and even the slightest touch from my own hands or his clothing made him whimper. Not only had the eczema left his skin as dry as dust, but the adverse reaction from the prescribed creams that had created the burning sensation from the allergic reaction had created painful blotches all over his entire body and face. It was heart-wrenching to watch my son whom was so young, have to move slowly and carefully because of the pain he was going through daily.  
I would carefully apply my handmade body butter to his damaged skin every couple of hours. It did wonders for his super dry skin, and it was the only thing that he knew wouldn’t hurt his skin, and so he trusted it.  Now he only uses it twice a day as you would do with any moisturiser.
All I want, is for your skin to be fed with proper natural skin healing ingredients.
So please, stop throwing away your hard earned money on skincare that doesn’t feed the skin, and use something natural that works with your body.
Its time to be proactive, instead of reactive!









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Its worth every penny & I highly recommend it”

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