“When you find what ‘smart’ eating means to you and how best you might like to move your body around, you set yourself up for a foundation of strength from which to ‘jump start’ each day”. Quote Nichola Shuttle Health and wellness coach and GB age group sprint triathlete…

I know that when I get these two elements right, it helps me to feel healthy, strong, positive and confident. I can’t ‘buy’ these feelings, but I can work on trying to find ways to release them because they are important to me and make me feel happy. I use this ‘integrative’ approach to be the best person I can be, to myself and others around me. When I feel seriously good about life, I know I can achieve anything, I feel less phased by the ‘uncontrollable’ and surround myself with a life that enhances my own existence. Immersing myself with family and friends who make me laugh and smile are just as important as what I eat and how I stay active. These connections are really important to me, they help me feel passionate about my beliefs and have become the underlying features of my life.

I am a GB age group sprint triathlete. I train between 2 to 3 hours a day, 6 days a week. I follow a training programme set by my coach that helps me try and achieve my goals so that I feel fully prepared to compete in races such as the European and World championships.

In order to support the energy I use each day, rest, repair and sleep well, I have to find a way to eat that nourishes me and my sport. I am still learning and playing around with what works best, it’s an ongoing experiment that forces me to review my habits regularly in order to feel ‘supersonic’ and try to perform to a high standard. 

Nourishing the body on the inside is paramount… as is nourishing on the outside!

Your skin is your biggest organ, using natural, environmentally friendly skin care, in my view is the ‘icing on the cake’, if you’ve worked hard to support yourself on the inside, don’t stop there… give your body what it deserves. I recommend ‘tigsandmoonaturalskincare’ who are dedicated to using products that are natural, trustworthy and do an excellent job! No harmful chemicals, no rubbish, just nature as it should be. 

The above is a small window into what helps me feel purposeful and what is important to me. If you resonate with any small feature of what I have written about or are wondering how to be your best version of yourself, please contact me at:


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I am a health and wellness coach and just love trying to help people find their purpose and passion for life.

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