The Tigs & Moo Story

Natural and organic skincare, how it all began

Meet Moo

My son nicknamed Moo has a milk sensitivity, eczema and sensitive skin.  Our body butter journey began in 2015 when he started reacting to the preservatives in prescribed and shop bought creams and lotions.  The first reaction caused what look and felt like burns to his skin, and his eczema became even more itchy and painful.  This left his skin paper thin for over four months. 

Switching to natural products was the only way forward.

Moo has now become afraid of using any other face, body, hair and scalp products. Using natural butters on our skin on a daily basis started because of our love and concern for him, and we haven’t looked back.

People now don’t believe that Moo suffers from eczema, because of the lack of evidence on his skin.  

Moo had his last bad reaction, in 2018 when he ate something with milk in it.  Within 48 hours all his major joints and body were covered in a rash.  But unlike his previous flare ups I didn’t panic.  I continued keeping his skin well moisturised with our body butter.  After 2 weeks the eczema had calmed down and within 4 weeks it had gone…we didn’t need to visit the doctor…phew!

Meet Tigs

For my daughter nicknamed Tigs, living in a hard water area made her skin dry.  This could cause the skin between her foot and toe to split.  The doctor explained that as well as drying that area properly after a shower she also had to keep it well moisturised. 

At first, she continued using the shop bought and prescribed creams, which weren’t very effective, but it was what she was used to and what she found normal! 

However, once she realised how moisturised, nourished and soft her brothers’ skin was compared to hers, she made the switch very very very quickly…I repeated that several times because she is an extremely head strong (stubborn) child who has to make her own mind up about EVERYTHING. 

I didn’t need to try and convince her.  In fact, she asked me if she could start using the natural homemade body butters, with a choice of her preferred essential oils…a miracle!

Meet Alison, Fenton and the kids

For me, its because I love my skin feeling well nourished.  I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older, my skin has become more sensitive to synthetic products and also a lot drier.  I simply have to be more careful with what I put on my face, body and hair.  I’ve even manged to convince my husband and his friends how important moisturising is…not an easy thing to do!

I remember as a child growing up in a Caribbean household in Manchester.  We were always told by my mum after our bath to go and cream our skin…back then it was with whatever we could afford or with whatever was available at the time.  

I still remember laughing or being irritated with my siblings as we attempted to use our bitten nails to scratch noughts & crosses (Tic Tac Toe) on our skin when it looked dry and ashy.

As an adult, I continued to moisturise twice daily.  But even with more options at the shops I used to find that after a few hours my skin would have no evidence of the time I had spent moisturising…now that’s all changed.

I’m now studying to become a qualified natural & organics skincare formulator.  I’m researching the best ingredients, to make the finest skincare products for Tigs & Moo, my family and our customers.

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