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My experience is that people have always spent a lot of energy, time and money on trying to do more for their health, fitness and mental wellbeing. They are prepared to throw money at things that MAKE THEM ENGAGE. They feel motivation is what they need.

In the past it was Keep Fit Classes, Toning Tables, Slimming Groups, Expensive Health Club Memberships, Workout DVD’s. Now it’s cheaper gym memberships, YouTube, Live Streaming, Easy to access Personal Trainers, Supplements, Home Workouts and Food Tracking Apps.

What is apparent is that many of the people that have engaged in these things on and off for months, years, even decades for some. Have still not achieved the result that they are striving for. Many dislike the whole thing or go through love and hate phases. On top of that the people described above often have very little detailed knowledge about the subject at hand. Despite all of this investment in time and money. I think this is in some part down to the fitness industry failing people more and more. You Sign Up (Engage) and are often left with very little education on the How, What, Why, When. Although personal accountability is a major factor. GO AND FIND OUT if it is important to you.

Can you imagine having a driving instructor for LIFE!

Can you imagine never absorbing enough information or being educated and empowered enough to be given the freedom of choice to pass your test and go out in to the world. Imagine not being educated to a level of believing in yourself and knowing that you can adapt to whatever each journey and fellow driver throws at you?

What would it be like to have such limited knowledge about the task at hand that staying safe and accepting that some journeys just take longer than others never crossed your mind. What if you were sent out on your own soo naive that you couldn’t accept that some things are out of your control no matter how much you try short cuts your friends have used before. They just don’t work for everyone every time.

This is why i prioritise the EDUCATION process to get people through their test at the right time for them. Not everyone passes their attempt at achieving their goal first time and many insist on jumping straight in to the test with no lessons. Even if they fluke a pass they are certainly not set up for long term success. Once well educated and passed I find it beneficial to let people find their way with all of the tools needed to be self confident, low risk to others (no mood swings from lack of happiness) and able to choose what speed to go from A to B without consequences that are not in their own best interests.

Some people learned to drive years ago and have had a long time off of the road. Now they are ready to drive again they find the dynamics of the road and technology to get us from A to B have changed dramatically. Very daunting. Most would not consider hiring an instructor to show them the new methods even though it is going to be more efficient. They passed their test before. The ego gets in the way, they “know it all” and although they encounter frustrations daily and may even have to regularly adjust or abandon their plans to avoid embarrassment. They continue to muddle through alone.

☝🏾 This is most peoples health and fitness journey.

Lack of knowledge creates fear, Fear brings anxiety and anxiety is a huge barrier to people getting to where they really want to be. Getting educated around your goals and the various methods/options to getting there. Getting comfortable with the details at your own pace, removing the fear and approaching the journey without anxiety. Will mean you will embrace every step of the way to arriving at your destination stress free and smiling.

Learning is K.E.Y




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